RadArt is a network organisation for artists and others who work with independent performing arts. The aim is to strengthen and highlight independent performing arts in the Tromsø region. RadArt’s office is based at Rådstua Theatre House in Tromsø and currently has around 80 members.

RadArt’s members are actors, dancers, musicians, producers, technicians, designers, set designers, directors, teachers, playwrights, performance artists, choreographers, composers, project leaders and much more. This makes RadArt an enticing plateau for the perfoming arts field in Northern Norway.

RadArt’s vision is to give the public the opportunity to experience diverse, innovative and venturous performing arts of a high quality.

RadArt’s objective is to facilitate and encourage the production and presentation of contemporary Norwegian and international performing arts, as well as projects that take the performing arts to new levels. RadArt is also a central hub and association for professional artists and others linked to theatrical projects and expressionism in the region.

RadArt will set in motion the independent field’s movement and give rise to its potential.

RadArt strives to bridge the gap between cultural institutions and independent performing arts by helping both parties share resources.

RadArt creates a platform that recognises the interdisciplinary work and the various genres of art that the members bring to the table.

RadArt has become a dynamic, new and proactive organisation in both a Norwegian and international context, that embraces all walks of life.

RadArt gives its members the opportunity to become part of an organisation with all of their artistic aspects as a resource. This is the foundation to RadArt’s business model.