The organisation of RadArt

Held once a year the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the leading power in RadArt. RadArt is headed by an elected board who hold the organisation’s highest positions between AGMs. The entire committee is elected every two years. In addition, the board appoints a number of committees responsible for various projects and activities.

Elected board 2017/2018:
Chairman: Nasra Ali Omar
Deputy Chairman: Valentin Manz
Committee member: Anethe Alfsvåg
Committee member: Kristin Bjørn
Committee member: Elin Danielsen
Deputy member: Cathrine Skjernes

Artistic programming:
A curating committee, consisting of elected members of RadArt, brings artistic unity by curating Vårscenefest. The Events Committee also discusses ways to bring in larger audiences for the long term. This requires crucial strategic planning to get the public to recognise RadArt as an exciting contributor to performing arts. The committee also works closely with Rådstua Theatre House.

Curating committee 2017-2016:
Curating committee chairman: Silje Solheim Johnsen (RadArt)
Curating committee member: Åsne Storli (RadArt)
Curating committee member: Ida Løken Valkeapää (RadArt)
Curating committee member: Anniken Romuld (RadArt)
Curating committee member: Audun Skog (Rådstua Teaterhus)

International contact and «Residens Tromsø» representative:        

Ingvill Fossheim


The RadArt board: Valentin Manz, Elin Danielsen, Cathrine Skjernes, Anethe Alfsvåg, Kristin Bjørn. 

Photo: Nanna E. Berntsen