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About RadArt – Scenekunst nord

RadArt – Performing Arts North is a network organization for the performing arts field in the Tromsø region. RadArt’s goal is to strengthen and increase the visibility for the performing arts field in the north.

RadArt was founded in 2004 as a collegial Tromsø network for the free performing arts arena, and since its beginnings, Rådstua Teaterhus in Tromsø has functioned as the heart of the organization and close collaborator. They provide office spaces, stage rooms, practice areas, a cafe and a collegian community for the members of Radart.

In 2009 RadArt was restructured to focus on visibility and professionalism, to build greater capacity for the members of the network, to increase the number of productions and guests, and to increase audience numbers visiting Rådstua Teaterhus. These goals have been followed through many projects spanning over several years:

«Prosjekt RadArt» (2010-2012)
«Psst!» Synlig scenekunst i nord (2013-2015)
«ArtLab» (2013-2015)
«Prosjekt Radius» (2016-2018)
«Uredd» (2017-2019)
«RadArt Marked» (2017-2019)

RadArt has since 2009 completed a variety of regular events:

RadVent, a mini festival showcasing what moves within the performing arts in the region
Vårscenefest – Tromsø Scenekunstfestival, an annual festival since 2010
Scenetekstivalen – a part of Vårscenefest, established in 2013
Møt en scenekunstner (Meet a performing artist) – a concept that is held during RadVent
Tallenes Tale – member studies on finance, organization and administration, 2012/2014
Courses and competence-raising measures
Industry Lunches
Waffle Breakfasts

The board 2019

Stein Bjørn, Chairman
Marte Liset
Stine Hemmingsen
Hege Holte Østbye
Kristin  Solberg