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RadArt Marked

Seminar 30th April 2019
Northern Platform #3

RadArt Market and Northern Network for Performing Arts invites you to a seminar on the subject of buying and selling performing arts in the nordic region.

Tromsø Scenekunstfestival, Vårscenefest 2019 will host the seminar.

Date: 30th april 2019

Time: 10.00-16.00
Place: Rådstua Teaterhus, Tromsø

Contact: Anne Katrine Haugen: radartmarked@radart.no

RadArt Market was founded in 2017 with the goals of building market-specific promotional services in the Nordic region, by coordinating a commitment towards central entities within the industry. RadArt Market functions as a link to festivals, organisers and buyers, and facilitates visibility and growth for our members within the relevant national arenas for performing arts.