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Talent program Uredd (2017-2019)

Uredd is a talent program where 17 young artists from different artistic expressions such as scenography, dance, acting, playwright, visual arts and music can explore and expand their own expression.

The talent program is divided into two sections, the first being professional and theoretical aspects within the arts, and the other concerns artistic aspects and working as an artist. In the professional and theoretical section, the talent group take part in seminars and workshops developed by people experienced in different aspects of business, such as marketing, PR, finance, how to handle working life, audience development, promotion, company development, dramaturgy, pitching and other aspects that the talent group might find useful in developing their business.

In the artistic aspect, the talent will individually work with mentors who will guide them in an artistic project or ambition. For instance, it might be a playwright who can guide with manuscript development, or an actor who can guide a talent’s ambition of building a theatre organization.

The talent program lasts for two years from 2017 to 2019, with six months within both years to finishing the program. Er litt usikker på hva dette betyr på norsk?

Uredd (Unafraid) is owned by RadArt – Performing Arts North. The project is developed in collaboration with Hålogaland Amatørteaterselskap (HATS), 
Rådstua Teaterhus and Tvibit, and is financed by Kulturnæringsstiftelsen in 
Sparebank1 Nord-Norge and Talent Norge.

Website: https://ureddtalent.no

Contact: post@radart.no